Welcome to Heartbeats, a legacy story based off the I’m A Lover challenge. NOTE: Not reading the challenge leaves more of a surprise for the story, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be surprised if you read the challenge. 🙂

Please note that this story may contain profanity, explicit images, and may not be suitable for the weak of heart or for people under the age of 13. There may not be any other warnings throughout the story.

I also apologize beforehand if I make a mistake in the culture — I’m not accustomed to German culture, but I thought it might be fun to delve into that area. :3

Succession laws:

~Equality: The heir may be of either gender.
~Strict Traditional: Only children born from the previous heir that can trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder can become heir to the legacy.
~Living Will – Democracy: The sim with the highest relationship scores with the previous heir will be named the new heir. If there are multiple candidates with equal relationship levels, then a vote for the next heir will be held.
~Tolerant: Any species of child can become heir to the legacy.

Seperate Rules:

~Children’s traits not dictated by the challenge must all be randomized, however, the heir must have the kleptomaniac trait.
~If I reach or exceed 200,000 simoleons, then I have to somehow reduce my funds.
~No restarting after a bad event, and no anti-aging effects (except for turning world aging off).
~Once a sim is moved out of the legacy house, no matter the reason, they are not allowed to be moved back into the house. And no moving in sims *mostly* irrelevant to the story.
~Cheats and mods can only be used for story purposes, to change the gender of a baby, to edit the appearance of a sim, to reduce funds, to fix something or to change to a different household. Otherwise, they are not allowed (but CC is fine. ^-^)
~Spouses MUST be chosen by the heir after the founding generation. If you readers would like, I can record the choosing of spouses. 🙂

Generation 1
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