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1.02: Sarah Bemix


It’s almost like a game. 


I try to catch her, but just as I’m about to catch her, 


She just… Disappears. 


It makes no sense. It’s been three whole weeks. Three weeks since I was sent here on a mission. Three weeks of vain attempts to contact my one and only lead. Three weeks of failure.

Then again, who’s to say that this isn’t just a big waste of time? Sarah may not even know anything on the Scarlet Thorns. Then what do I do? It’s not like there’s a whole lot on information on the ST out there aside from the attacks. And even then, they’re only the base level of report. No police reports, no criminal records… I was lucky to have even found a lead in the first place.

Usually, I would have given up long ago and looked for another way around it. Thing is, I’ve BEEN looking, but it’s like every single trace of the Scarlet Thorns has been completely erased or perfectly covered up…

Whenever I go into a mission, I always need to have a back up route. I’ve seen how detrimental it can be to only have one plan, and I still have so much left to do before I die or rot in prison. That’s how most of the other people in my line of work failed, anyways.

It’s never been this difficult before, though. There’s always been at least SOMETHING out there for me to work with… Maybe I j-


Well I’ll be damned.

“It’s rude to stare, you know.”

My eyes widened slightly, surprised that she saw me out of the corner of her eye. Then again, I guess perhaps I was being obvious. I turned my gaze away, taking another sip of my drink. As soon as the scent hit my nose, I had to fight not to gag. It was obvious that she’d had a couple drinks before this. Or, well, more than a couple.

“Have you no manners, foreigner? You’re supposed to respond when adressed. Or do you not even know how to do tha-”

“Seems to me like you think you’re some kind of noble around here, when the actions of those around you say the opposite, and a simple – what did you call me? – Ah yes – A foriegner‘s apology wouldn’t mean much to you, now would it?”

For a moment, her mouth could only flop like a fish, her eyes widened as if she’d just been slapped in the face by a fish.

“Perhaps it didn’t occur to you that you reminded me of an old friend. But, since I’m not a rude person like you may think I am, I apologize for staring at you. I just thought you looked familiar to me.”

Taking another sip of my drink, I waited for her to say something. When she didn’t, I continued, taking advantage of the oppertunity.


“You know, it’s rude to not give your name considering the circumstances.” I countered calmly, taking another sip of my drink.

At that, a hint of a smile tugged at her lips, and she tilted her head slightly.

“I see how you are, girlie. I don’t normally give my name to strangers, but you struck me as something special. The name’s Sarah Bemix. And who gets the pleasure of hearing my name?” She replied.

A warm smile spread across my face as I raised my glass to toast to hers.

“Paige Wilkins.”

From there, the night flew by, and before I knew it, we were standing outside of the bar together, giving one last final chat before we went our separate ways. As per usual, a million things ran through my head at that moment.

“What would it take to get to know you?” 

“When can I see you again?” 

“Where’s your brother?” 

But it was too early for all of that, and I’m not one to sit and beg. However, I didn’t have to say anything this time.

“Thanks for giving me a good night. I kind of needed it. Next time, drinks are on me.”


“Alright. Here, how about this.” I handed her my phone. “We can exchange numbers, and when we ever need a drink, we can get ahold of each other. Sound good?”


With a curt nod, she tucked her number into my phone, and I into hers. With that, we finished a light conversation, then headed home.

It was close to 1:30 in the morning by the time I unlocked my door and stepped inside. My phone was ringing, but by that time, I was far too exhausted to answer whoever was calling me. I could easily have just collapsed right there on the floor, had I not found the strength to get upstairs to my comfortable bed…

Finally, some progress… 

Author’s note: So, since I didn’t have the links to the CC for Sarah Bemix, I gave her quite the make over. If you put the two side by side, they don’t look that different aside from their hair and clothes, but yeah. She got a make over. Her brother had a bit less of a makeover, but still. Anyways, expect to see some sims submissions coming up throughout the generation. 🙂 

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13 thoughts on “1.02: Sarah Bemix

  1. I seriously would have bet money that I commented on this after I read it, but I guess I was mistaken (I came back to grab some quote for out circle).

    Anyways, Sarah look gorgeous in your game! I’m sorry I didn’t get you the hair links. I like what you chose for her though (even if we didn’t get to see her face really)!

    I’m really excited to see where this lead takes her. I am also curious as to who called her.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Why thank you! I tried to find a hair that I thought would suit her, and that was the closest one that I could find. Lol. I only just now realized you never see her face… Lol, I’ll get a picture of her face in the next chapter, I promise.


  2. Hello, silent reader here 🙂
    I really like your story so far, great combination on the challenge and the setting!
    When will the next chapter come out? *eagerly waiting for months now* *puppy eyes*


    • Sorry for the long wait! I’ve got the next chapter written, I just need to get in game and get back to where I was for some screenshots, since I had to reset my game. Hopefully I’ll have it out soon!


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