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Downloads + CC Links

  1. I only download FREE cc. If you have to pay for it, then that’s not the right cc.
  2. I’ve collected all the CC I have in my game and put links (and pictures!) to almost all of it here. Any CC not listed below (clothes, makeup, etc) can be found (eventually) at my blog.
  3. If there’s a question mark, it means I’m not sure if that’s the right link.
  4. Any sim on here is available in the gallery at: Silent_Wolfy101
  5. To submit a sim for me to use in the story, put #Heartbeats in the description of the sim when uploading to the gallery. 🙂

Generation 1:
~Paige Wilkins: All Dark Hairs Somewhere Here | Pink HairBlonde Hair | Normal Eyes | False Eyes | Freckles | More Freckles | Healthy Skin Overlay |